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Marketing Food to Children and Adolescents


Food and Beverage Marketing to Children and Adolescents


August Newsletter

Ohio uses ‘Sundaes in the Square’ to Educate Community

Ad Council and the Library of Congress Launch new PSAs

Blog: Childhood Physical Abuse and Heart Disease Related?


July Newsletter


June Newsletter


May Newsletter


April Newsletter


March Newsletter

Student Fundraising Proposals

February Newsletter

Testing the Cycle of Violence Hypothesis

January Newsletter

Federal Trade Commission forum

MSU Childhood Obesity Project

American Board of Pediatrics offers first certification in child abuse

Microsoft donates new technology to attack child exploitation



December Newsletter


November Newsletter

Childhood Obesity a top US concern

Childhood Obesity: Full Report

Georgia State University receives grant to explore training to prevent child abuse

New child abuse pediatrics subspecialty launched

October Newsletter

Survey created to test people’s knowledge of child abuse and neglect


September Newsletter

MSU and CTF come together to fight child abuse

Portrait of Food and Drink in Commercial TV Series


August Newsletter

Journal of Youth and Society

Childhood obesity increasingly linked to child abuse and neglect

Governors Unite and Sign Resolution against Child Abuse


July Newsletter

LA County Supervisors propose data-sharing system


June Newsletter

CBS runs weeklong series devoted to Children of the Recession

Other Voices: Child abuse affects everyone


May Newsletter


April Newsletter

CBS News: Girl who overcame child abuse